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Jim Cox of Rusty Horse Tavern demonstrates how to wet-smoke ribs right in the oven.

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1) Dry Rub. 2 part Brown Sugar
2 parts Granulated Sugar
1 part Café Grind Pepper
1 part Celery Salt
1 part Granulated Garlic
½ part Cumin
Mix all ingredients in a medium bowl until evenly incorporated.
2) BBQ Sauce. 1 quart Sweet Baby Rays for a base
1 cup of Stout Beer (Guiness)
3 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
½ Teas Cayene Pepper. (if you want to kick it up a notch)
Over low flame, bring your Sweet Baby Rays sauce up to medium heat. Slowly add the beer and vinegar while constantly stirring with a wire whip. Reduce the product down for 5 min, remove from the heat, and mix in your Cayene Pepper.
3) Ribs-
Buy a nice 12-14 bone pork rib from your local Butcher,
Peel the back membrane off and score the back side with a knife length and width.
Dredge the ribs in your rub
Place in a perforated cooking pan (Top Pan)
Pour 3 Quarts of water & ¼ C of Liquid Smoke in bottom cooking pan
Cover the top of the pan with plastic wrap and foil.
Cook in the oven @ 240 degrees for 7 hours.
Remove and let cool for an hour
Rub the ribs in saved Bacon fat to seal
Wrap the ribs individually in plastic until ready to Grill.

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