Parkville River Jam Musicians

Every year we search and find the best Jazz and Blues this part of the country has to offer.



Danielle Nicole

A 2014 Blues Music Award winner, there’s not a time in her life that singer/bassist/songwriter Danielle Nicole (born Danielle Nicole Schnebelen) doesn’t remember loving to perform. As a child, she would sing for her family at holidays and took tap, jazz and ballet lessons for many years competing in numerous events. Danielle also took band in middle school, playing the tenor saxophone and enjoying it quite a bit. Unfortunately, she was forced to quit when the family moved to Kansas City and the new school did not offer band.

Danielle comes from generations of singers. Her grandmother, Evelyn Skinner, was a big band singer. Danielle’s mother, Lisa Swedlund, taught her everything she knew while growing up and listening to all different kinds of music from the Everly Brothers to the B-52s.


The Ori Naftaly Band

is a Soul/Blues band based out of Memphis, TN. In a very short time this extremely talented band has gained international recognition and support by the international blues community and by an extended fan base, located in the USA, Holland, and all around the world. Within the course of two years The Ori Naftaly Band (ONB) has covered 30 states in the USA and toured Europe twice. The band won the Israeli Blues Challenge Competition.


Levee Town

Pages of Paperwork is the fifth installment in Levee Town’s catalog. With a sound built on years of constant performing and songwriting, the band has created a hard-driving, smoothly-polished, soulful record. Pages of Paperwork exhibits a maturity and sophistication borne of heartbreak and the joy of personal resurgence. Songwriters Hudspeth, Garoutte, and Meade share a convergent vision of the world-at-large and craft their individual tunes in a similar vein. The band chugs along with astonishing energy and focus. Vocally, Levee Town is obviously comfortable performing an ever-widening array of styles. From rocking shuffles to grinding slow blues to North-Mississippi-style rockers to KC swing numbers, Pages Of Paperwork is an exhilarating breath of fresh air and a joy to take in.


David Basse

In his latest release, The Hero and the Lover, David effectively incorporates both jazz and blues. His New York band for this recording includes veteran bassist Curtis Lundy, pianist Richard Johnson, saxophonist Stacy Dillard, and drummer Neal Smith. Carol Duboc and Bobby Watson appear as special guests on the album’s title cut.


Ole No. 5’s

Old No 5s are marching along the familiar forefront of the American Folk music tradition. These newcomers from Kansas City fuse influences as far ranging as Blues, Reggae, Roots Rock, Country, Folk and Funk; beating into existence their own chapter of musical tradition which spans as long as the country is old.The iceberg story of The Old No 5s seems to have began in late 2011, when guitarist/vocalist Brock Alexander and percussionist Aaron Thomas coined the band and established themselves playing across the Kansas City Metro area on average of 5 nights a week.


Coyote Bill

The roots of the Coyote Bill Boogie Band are in the Chicago area, but this group has been a staple in the Kansas City music scene since 2007. Since the summer of that year, Coyote Bill has been serving up his own brand of high energy, slide-guitar driven Gutbucket Blues and House Rockin’ Boogie all over the KC Metro anywhere and everywhere he can. From upscale clubs and restaurants to rough-and-tumble biker bars and rural roadhouses.


Rick Gibson

“From the mid-west to Texas, to the Pacific coast and back, I am a small musical seed, soaking it all in and always growing. I count my blessings!”Born and raised in the heart of the Missouri Ozarks, with family roots tracing back to the Tennessee hills, Rick is now a transplant in Kansas City. As a guitarist/songwriter he is a Americana roots and electric blues artist with many influences. For years he has worked with a variety of artists performing R&B, smooth jazz, fusion, blues and gospel.


The James Ward Band

The James Ward Band was formed January of 1997 at The Blue Room located on 18th and Vine in Kansas City, MO. James, a native of Kansas City. James’ experience, skill, and reputation as a Bass Player led him to opportunities to perform with greats throughout the years such as Marcus Roberts, Wycliffe Gordon, Nat Adderly, Mark Whitfield, Bobby Watson, John Cushon, Patti Austin, Jonathan Dubose, Claude “Fiddler” Williams, Lisa Henry, Chris Barnett, Jackie Mills, Russell Malone, Marcus Printup, Peter Martin, Scotty Barnhart, and Will Matthews of the Count Basie Orchestra, Gospel Artists Dorinda Clark-Cole and Donald Lawrence, and a host of other artists. James also toured South Africa with Oleta Adams.


Parkville Symphonic Band

The Parkville Symphonic Band is proud to announce our 20th season of music making and participation in America’s passion for fine band music. Community bands have continued to enjoy popularity for well over a century, from a time before recorded music when bands were often valued as a primary source of music in local communities, to the present, where today’s bands provide an outlet for thousands of amateur musicians to enjoy, display and further hone their musical skills. While band music and ensembles were not an American invention, it was the outstanding bands of leaders like John Philip Sousa who took the military band and transformed it into the symphonic band, capable of performing serious music. In recent years, the popularity of community bands has grown in Europe and is now expanding into Asia.